Thomas Gilmore

Thomas Gilmore


After retiring in 2004 from over 45 years in the Ministry, Thomas soon discovered that retirement was not what it was reported to be. He began to look around for something to do “part-time” that would take advantage of his God given gifts and talents, and the experience of serving others he had acquired through the years in the Ministry.

A friend from church introduced him to a Land Developer. The Land Developer’s business was booming. He had 3 Managers but was now expanding and needed agents to begin marketing land directly to builders. Thomas was hired as the first agent for the company. Six months later the company had 53 agents, 2 call centers in India, one in the Philippines, one in New Jersey…and Thomas was Sales Manager.

When the Real Estate bubble burst, raw land was a luxury. He moved into Residential Real Estate with ZipRealty. He soon was asked to become the Foundation Team Leader and trained all new agents. Thomas also took on the additional challenge of becoming a Certified Listing Specialist. As a result of the skills learned there and in the Ministry, over the past 15 years his listings have averaged selling in less than 28 days and they sell at 101% of the list price.

Thomas became aware of Elevate Real Estate Brokers in the Fall of 2016. He was impressed with their business model, the support they provide to Team Leaders and agents and their commitment to service to others. He’s excited to be associated with a company that has the same approach to business as he has in his personal life. His hearts desire, at all steps involved in buying or selling a home, is the same that Paul had in Galatians 1:24…”And they were glorifying God because of me.” Thomas’ desire is that every client will have a deeper understanding of God’s love for them as they see His guidance and involvement in their transaction.

Thomas is a perfect example of an empowered agent who changes the world by serving not only his buyers and sellers, and fellow Elevate members, but also the community. He supports the KOJ Ministries which seeks to equip hearts, encourage minds, and evangelize the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They desire to raise up champions for God, and help people reach their highest podium!